Latest updates

RSFirewall! for WordPress 1.1.34 23 Jul 2024

Fixed - Some PHP 8.1+ compatibility improvements.

RSPlazza! 1.1.1 23 Jul 2024

Fixed - Front-end module edit button was not visible in some template positions.
Fixed - Article hits counter was displayed twice.
Fixed - RSPageBuilder! Price Box element was not displayed properly.

RSMembership! 2.1.5 22 Jul 2024

Updated - Custom Fields can now be set to only be viewed / updated in the administrator section.

RSEdimo! 1.2.3 17 Jul 2024

Fixed - Template preloader was causing links to not work.

RSVario! 2.0.0 12 Jul 2024

Added - Joomla! 4 & 5 compatibility.

RSBlog! 1.14.3 11 Jul 2024

Added - Support for Joomla! custom fields.
Added - Set the frontend pagination from RSBlog! configuration.
Added - Set the default author for remote posts.
Added - Option to disable the microdata per post.
Added - Option to send e-mail subscriptions using a cron.
Fixed - Miscellaneous code improvements.

Latest blog entries

RSVario! for Joomla! 4/5

RSVario! for Joomla! 4 & 5 is here!

RSVario! for Joomla! 4(&5) is here! We are excited to announce that RSVario!, a popular Joomla! 3 template, has been upgraded and is now available for Joomla! 4 and 5. This new release brings a range of enhancements and optimizations, ensuring compatibility with the latest Joomla! versions while maintaining the features and flexibility that users love. Completely FREE.

RSBlog! New Version

RSBlog! - New and Improved Version

We are excited to announce several new functionalities in RSBlog! that enhance its versatility and usability.

RSForm!Pro Survey Table field

New RSForm!Pro Field - The Survey Table

Introducing the New RSForm!Pro Survey Table Field: Organized Data Collection.

Latest articles from our docs

Form Calculations
in RSForm! Pro - Getting started 2 hours ago.

RSForm!Pro allows you to perform simple calculations within your custom form. To better understand how this works, we will provide an example. If this is not enough, you can also check the Video Tutorial. Note: The example form presented in this article can be simply...

Creating Language Overrides
in General FAQ 21 hours ago.

Multi-language support is a common trait for websites, and the Joomla! CMS makes no exception. Joomla! allows having a translation for any extension and for each of the supported (installed) languages. Translating extensions can be done in two manners: either by editing the...

Can I upgrade my single site subscription to a multi-site type?
in General FAQ 23 hours ago.

You can upgrade your subscription with ease from Single Site to Multi-site just by paying the difference. This upgrade is available for licenses of the same type, meaning you can only upgrade your 12 months single site license to a 12 months multi-site one. How will...