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RSForm! Pro 3.2.0 25 Sep 2023

Added - Adding form fields is now done from an 'Offcanvas' element.
Added - Form fields can be created in a specified row and column of the form.
Added - When using 'Enable Confirmation By Email' the IP and date of confirmation are now stored.
Added - {global:confirmedip} and {global:confirmeddate} placeholders.
Added - Can set a different Itemid when clicking on 'Preview' form.
Added - 'HashCash Honeypot' spam prevention field as a GDPR alternative to Captcha.
Updated - Fields now have <label>, 'form-control' and 'form-select' classes when editing a submission in the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item.
Updated - UIkit 3 updated to 3.16.26
Updated - Using native UIkit 3 classes for grid sizing where these are available.
Updated - Custom UIkit 3 grid classes are now loaded from a separate file.
Updated - Nonce added to scripts and stylesheets when using the 'System - HTTP Headers' plugin and the 'System - RSForm! Pro' plugin.
Updated - Can use the {nonce} placeholder in the CSS and JS sections.
Fixed - 'Confirmed' field will no longer show up in the Directory configuration unless the form has 'Enable Confirmation By Email' set to 'Yes'.
Fixed - 'Date and Time Picker' now allows dates up from 1920.
Fixed - No longer allowing buttons to be rendered as <input> tags.
Fixed - Confirming a submission from the backend did not trigger the confirmation flow (email sending, plugins triggering).
Fixed - A PHP error could occur when specifying a wrong 'Date Submitted' value in the 'Submissions - Directory' menu item.
Fixed - Having 'Enable Email Logging' set to 'Yes' and a wrong 'Path to Log Folder' could prevent emails from being sent.

RSEdimo! 1.1.18 25 Sep 2023

Fixed - Login and Search were no longer appearing in the menu since 1.1.17.

RSBlog! 1.14.1 21 Sep 2023

Fixed - The ajax pagination was not working correctly.

RSPageBuilder! 2.0.13 20 Sep 2023

Fixed - Open Graph Description field could cause saving issues when longer text was inserted.

RSMediaGallery! 2.0.14 15 Sep 2023

Updated - PHP 8.2 compatibility improvements.

RSJuno! 2.1.9 14 Sep 2023

Fixed - Debug trace when 'Debug System' was set to 'Yes' was not showing up.
Fixed - mod_login override was throwing an error after logging in.

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RSForm!Pro 3.2.0

UI Changes to Adding Form Fields

The latest RSForm!Pro revision includes an improved user interface when it comes to adding a field in your form within a particular row or column.

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25 Sep 2023 Version 3.2.0 Added - Adding form fields is now done from an 'Offcanvas' element. Added - Form fields can be created in a specified row and column of the form. Added - When using 'Enable Confirmation By Email' the IP...

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