Latest updates

RSEvents!Pro 1.13.7 v1.13.7 06 May 2021

Conditional fields, improved notifications and other improvements await in this new version.

RSMediaGallery! 2.0.0 v2.0.0 26 Apr 2021

Joomla 4 compatibility and a complete overhaul of the component functionality.

RSTickets!Pro 3.0.0 v3.0.0 18 Mar 2021

RSTickets!Pro is our next Joomla! 4 compatible component.

RSForm!Pro Zapier v2.3.20 16 Feb 2021

A new integration has been released, this time with Zapier.

RSFeedback! 1.8.6 v1.8.6 19 Jan 2021

RSFeedback! now also supports Joomla! 4. Follow the below link to see the complete changelog.

RSEvents!Pro 1.13.3 v1.13.3 22 Dec 2020

RSEvents!Pro is now Joomla! 4 compatible, take a look at the new features available in the new release.

Latest blog entries

RSEvents!Pro new version released

We are happy to announce a new version for our event manager: RSEvents!Pro v 1.13.9.

Independence Day Sale 2021

Happy Independence Day!

RSJoomla! wishes you a happy Independence Day! Celebrate with us and check out these special discounts!

RSForm!Pro 3.0.0 - Joomla! 4 compatibility and improvements across the board

RSForm!Pro, our Joomla! Form Builder and Manager extension, joined our list of Joomla! 4 compatible components!

Latest articles from our docs

Cart Plugin
in RSEvents!Pro - Plugins and Modules 2 days ago.

This RSEvents!Pro Cart Plugin is commercial and needs to be purchased separately. The price of the plugin is: 29 EUR. You can buy it by accessing Customer Area > My memberships > Active Memberships > clicking the 'Buy Extra Plugins' button of your RSEvents!Pro license. The...

Add/Edit event
in RSEvents!Pro - Getting started 2 days ago.

Though you can add events from the site back-end and front-end the configuration is basically the same for both instances. To add or edit an event from the back-end area, head to Components > RSEvents!Pro > Events > New. Tip: The instant you click on the...

in RSEvents!Pro - Getting started 2 days ago.

The RSEvents!Pro > Subscriptions area provides a subscription listing for all your events. The following information is being displayed: subscriber name, email address, date and IP address, event name, purchased tickets, payment gateway and subscription status. Besides these,...