Latest updates

RSLotus! v1.0 12 Feb 2020

Check out our latest release, a catalog template: RSLotus!.

RSNevia! v1.0 22 Jan 2020

We are starting the new year with a brand new template release. Check out RSNevia!.

RSForm!Pro v 2.3.0 v2.3.0 16 Dec 2019

This new release for RSForm!Pro introduces conditional logic for multiple form fields, improvements to the calendar and file upload fields and much more.

Joomla Event Manager v1.12.8 05 Nov 2019

You can now setup waiting lists for your event with the new RSEvents!Pro release.

RSForm!Pro - RSTickets!Pro v2.2.6 25 Oct 2019

You can now create tickets in RSTickets!Pro through RSForm!Pro. Follow the links below for more details.

RSSeo! 1.21.10 v1.21.10 03 Oct 2019

A new version of RSSeo! has been rleeased. Read the full changelog through the link below.

Latest blog entries

RSJoomla! - Watchful

Manage updates for your RSJoomla! components through Watchful

Keeping your components up to date with the latest releases will ensure the best experience for both administrators and users alike. Through our collaboration with Watchful we now provide a way to easily manage all your paid subscriptions from one location and make sure that you do not miss any new releases.

RSTickets!Pro 2.4.0

RSTickets!Pro 2.4.0 - CSV export and Improved ticket time tracker

We are happy to announce that we have released a new and improved version of RSTickets!Pro: version 2.4.0.

RSBlog! - RSMail! - Joomla! 4 compatibility

RSMail! and RSBlog! - Joomla! 4 compatibility

Two more components from our portfolio have been updated in order to support the new Joomla! 4 version: RSMail! and RSBlog!.

Latest articles from our docs

Linking to a default department in the ticket submission layout
in RSTickets!Pro - Frequently asked questions 2 days ago.

There are 2 possible solutions for setting a default department in the ticket submission layout: 1. Using the Submit Layout menu item The Submit Layout menu item redirects the user to the ticket submission form. It only includes a single configuration...

RSTickets!Pro Report plugin
in RSTickets!Pro - Plugins and Modules 2 days ago.

This RSTickets!Pro Report plugin is commercial and needs to be purchased separately. The price of the plugin is: 15 EUR. You can buy it by accessing Customer Area > My memberships > Active Memberships > clicking the 'Buy Extra Plugins' button of your RSTickets!Pro license. After...

in RSForm! Pro - Getting started 3 days ago.

The Configuration tab provides a centralized area where you can control general aspects for the overall component. By default, this is divided into two tabs, Settings, Update and Calculations. Note that, when installing RSForm!Pro plugins for example, some of them will add...