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Latest updates

RSVivo! Template 21 Feb 2019

Starting the new year with a brand new template release. Introducing RSVivo!.


RSEvento!2 & RSClario!2 06 Nov 2018

This November we present a double template release.

RSEvento!2 Documentation RSClario!2 Documentation

RSFirewall! for WordPress 01 Aug 2018

The first RSJoomla! component to step on the WordPress stage is RSFirewall!.


RSSalma! 13 Jun 2018

Welcome our newest template: RSSalma!.


RSTrone! 04 Apr 2018

We are proud to introduce RSTrone!, the second template added to our free templates portfolio.


RSForm!Pro 2.0 v2.0 09 Jan 2018

We are starting strong in 2018 with a major release for RSForm!Pro. Read our blog post and check the online documentation for more information on this release.

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RSVivo! Banner

Create professional websites with RSVivo! - the latest addition to our portfolio

Starting the new year with a new template release, introducing RSVivo!.

Valentine's Day Promotion

RSJoomla! shares the love!

Celebrate this love filled occasion with the RSJoomla! team. Get the best deals on our Joomla! extensions and templates to boost your business in becoming more productive and efficient.

International Thank You Day 2019

Dear RSJoomla! customers, Thank You!

We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us and we look forward to providing you with the best possible service in the future. A big Thank You from us to you, our loyal RSJoomla! customers! To celebrate this special day, we are offering some awesome discounts.

Latest articles from our docs

RSVivo! Changelog
in RSVivo! - Changelog 54 minutes ago.

21 Feb 2019 Version 1.0.0 Initial release ...

RSEvents!Pro Changelog
in RSEvents!Pro - Changelog 2 hours ago.

RSEvents!Pro Component RSEvents!Pro Cart plugin 19 Dec 2018 Version 1.12.2 Updated - Calendar layout speed improvements. 14 Dec 2018 Version 1.12.1 Fixed - The number of subscribers...

RSDirectory! Changelog
in RSDirectory! - Changelog 2 hours ago.

21 Feb 2019 Version 1.9.9 Fixed - 'Regex syntax' was being stripped of some characters. 18 Feb 2019 Version 1.9.8 Fixed - If the Map fields do not have the coordinates specified it will not show anymore in the frontend. Fixed - On the...