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Latest updates

RSMelia! Template 24 Jun 2019

A brand new template, RSMelia!, has just been released, read the powerful features available in this template on our blog and online documentation.

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Joomla Ads Manager v1.9.12 20 Jun 2019

The new version of RSDirectory! introduces a new Map service, a PayFast integration and a bunch of extra new features.

Details Changelog

RSSeo! - Ver 1.20.19 v1.20.19 04 Apr 2019

Introducing the new additions to the RSSeo! features list.

Details Changelog

RSForm!Pro Payment Plugin Update 26 Mar 2019

The RSForm!Pro Payment Plugin receives an important update to its functionality.


RSForm!Pro Joomla! Articles Plugin 21 Mar 2019

A new addition to the ever growing list of RSForm!Pro plugins: Joomla! Articles.


RSVivo! Template 21 Feb 2019

Starting the new year with a brand new template release. Introducing RSVivo!.


Latest blog entries

RSForm!Pro 2.2.4

RSForm!Pro 2.2.4 - Multi File Upload feature, improved usability and functionality

We are happy to announce you our new and improved version of RSForm!Pro. Let's take the main features of the component one by one and talk a little more about each one.

Independence Day Sale 2019

Happy 4th of July!

Take advantage on RSJoomla!'s discounts on this year's Independence Day Sale!

RSMelia! Banner

Build a professional website for your hotel or other accommodation using RSMelia!

To celebrate our newest template release, all RSMelia! subscriptions have a 50% discount during the first week of launch.

Latest articles from our docs

RSMembership! Changelog
in RSMembership! User Guide - Changelog 18 hours ago.

22 Jul 2019 Version 1.22.13 Fixed - Custom Field names are now filtered to prevent having spaces and non-alphanumeric characters in them. 15 May 2019 Version 1.22.12 Updated - Can now use {membership_id} and {subscription_id} in Expiry Emails. 03...

File Upload
in RSForm! Pro - Form Fields 6 days ago.

Standard HTML input upload field with the following configuration tabs: General Name: the name of the form component. This needs to be unique for each form. It can contain only alphanumeric chars. The name of the field is only used for internal reference - it will not...

Grid Layout
in RSForm! Pro - Getting started 6 days ago.

Your form layout structure can be easily manipulated using the Grid Layout functionality. The Grid Layout provides a faster on-demand swapping possibility, using a drag and drop functionality. This allows a quick field arrangement by constructing rows that can have a configurable...